Room Cleaning Day

My goal for today is to clean my room. I don’t mean just cleaning it. I mean cleaning every corner, every (I can’t think of a word). I was supposed to go work at daycare today and then go work at this after school, but I didn’t go. I need more power to keep to my plans. Since I didn’t go to volunteer as I planned, I’ll make up for it in different ways. I shall clean my room, work on some chemistry problems, read the bible, and exercise at least an hour. I really need to keep up to my exercise plans. I should start updating what I did and what I ate each day. My “WHAT DID I DO TODAY?” Journal

Also, these days I love Hong JinYoung’s – Love Battery. It’s this trot song. :)

I’m going upstairs to clean my room now. I’ll come back to post a picture of my room after it’s cleaned.


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