April 17, 2011

I’M SO MAD AT MY CAMERA AND COMPUTER! I took pictures of what I ate for dinner and the things I bought today at H&M and ALDO. :(  I moved it to my computer, well I thought it got moved, so I deleted everything from my camera. And when I opened the folder, “0 items found.” WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Today, I actually cared to take high quality photos so they were really nice. I thought about the lighting, background, and took time to set things up before taking it. That’s why I’m even more irritated that they vaneeeshed into the air. Anyways, I’m over that now.  I’ll just take a few quick photos again of what I bought because I want some color in this post.

Overall, today was a good day. :) I went to church, to morning glory to buy a ‘memory box’, and lastly I went to QCM to find pants, which I didn’t find. I don’t know what pants I should get. I really have no pants except these black jeans I’m wearing right now. I think I should order pants from Korea though since everything here is too long for me because I’m shooooort! I want to order things from pinkygirl, sosoilgi, and bonagirl & also jewelry from asmama and richbon. Ugh, I spend too much money. I need to cut down on my shopping. Why do so many things have to attract me?


About siabyul

loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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