I am so fatty fatty fatty fatty fat fat fat fat fat fat FAT ISSUE!

Up to 110 I was able to take, but my pounds kept on adding on and now I’m getting closer to 120. NO, I WILL NOT TAKE A 120 POUND ME. So I’m going to watch out more from now on. I eat too many useless cookies, chocolates, cupcakes & all the rest in that category of food. No, I’m not dieting. I’m going to keep on eating normally as I do, enough food for each day. I’m not going to starve myself like some people do. I’m going to eat the same amount of food but try to switch them up to salads, soup, anything good and also add more exercise to my life. These days, I’m always sitting in front of the computer whenever I look for something to do, but I will go out and ride my bike, walk, run, jumprope, yoga instead. :)

This will be my before picture.

I’m gonnaaaa dance it off!


my fat photoshoot turned into a selca session somehow -__-



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