I’m so disappointed at myself.

Why am I still up at 3AM. I told myself I was going to sleep before 12 from now on and that my goal was to sleep by 11PM.  But WHAT IS THIS? I’m not even done with my homework, I still have my english collateral to finish, and I AM SO DISORGANIZED. My binder is so mixed up and jumbled, I can’t find anything and everything’s just all mixed up. It’s not just that; I know nothing. My brain is completely nada. I didn’t learn anything because I didn’t even try. I don’t even do my homework well anymore. Even though I do it, it’s like it comes and goes like that. I’m just doing it without thought.  And the disorganized part really frustrates me. I used to be very neat. Being disorganized is the end of my life. LOOK AT MY ROOM. LOOK AT MY COMPUTER FILES. LOOK AT MY SCHOOL PAPERS/BINDER. LOOK AT MYSELF. T______T


I’m so stressed out because of being disogranized. And time management is also part of being disorganized. THIS IS TERRIBLE. THIS IS HORRENDOUS. THIS IS SAD ):  Don’t be like this anymore Alice. Don’t live like this anymore.


APRIL IS THE MONTH. By the end of April, I’m really going to change myself foreverrrrrr and everrr.

sleep early, lose weight, get everything organized, try to catch up on things that i’m years behind on, …..


& thank you umma appa; they get me everything I want, they let me everything I want to do and I feel so bad. After I received so many things, now I’m being like this. I’m such a bad daughter. BUT WAIT. SOON, I will find myself again and get back on track. I’ll even start going to school by myself from now on. By bus, so I can be at least a little effort for saving gas = less pollution and it’ll make my dad’s life a little easier. Alright, apworld homework, english collateral, pack up and sleep for today. From tomorrow, I PROMISE. I will finish homework before 10 and sleep earlier. And I need to take care of myself too. I am in such a horrible condition right now. So this is my list of things I have to do.

+ Organize computer files
+ Organize binder
+ Plan out studying schedules for apworld exam, chem, trig
+ Get my sleeping pattern in right order
+ Organize room
+ Control my eating well
+ Exercise everyday
+ Be happy :)



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