I’m going to play piano again :)

I just watched the last episode of My Name is Kim Sam Soon.  I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this drama!

I thought the ending would be left incomplete, but it was somewhat a complete ending. The ending was so sweet. (:

& now I’m in love with Clazziquai’s song She Is.  dfahgkalsdjfahdlkfjadf I LOVE THIS SONG! So I just printed out the akbo and I tried playing it on the piano.  I got the first page now, but I have 2 more pages to go. :DD I should start recording videos for youtube. LOL

AND btw, I found NII’s website –> http://www.nii.co.kr/

I want to get those same clothes for my dad for his birthday. LOL but idk where they sell it. Ugh and I want so many things right now. I want JYJ – Their Rooms ALBUM & junsu’s mozart musical DVD & Photobook thinggg. >:( I neeed some money yo!



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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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