Today is February 1st

I just realized what today was.

It’s the first month of February. My new year since it’s my birthday month :)
Yes, I Believe In Aliceology. Even my new year revolves around my birthday.

I promised from February, in sixteen, that I will live a more organized life. I will sleep earlier (my goal is to sleep before 12 for now), lose fat (eliminate all those overly eaten cookies), stop procrastinating, start homework early, actually start studying so I don’t have to cram my brain with info in one night for the finals, and take good care of myself (such as exercising every single day, haru do bbajim ubsshi, and skin). From this time on, I want to make myself get into healthy habits and maintain them until I turn ninety. Haha OHMANNN :( It passed 12 already for today, so that sleeping plan is screwed but I will sleep at 2AM for today. I’m fine with it, JUST FOR TODAY, since a 2 is actually a meaningful number to sleep at for February.


I’m all prepared for Japanese class tomorrow. I went to Barnes and Nobles to buy a Japanese dictionary and on the way I saw Wheelock’s Latin. I hated carrying this heavy textbook to and from school every day so I just bought one to leave at home. :)

Happy February!


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