I didn’t post for such a long time again

From the date of my last post to today’s date…

It has been quite quite quite quite quite a long time. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I started to like repeating words over again to emphasize. But it’s just me. Okay. I don’t know. Goodbye.

#1 Right now, I’m obsessing over my NEW garbage can green flats!



And yes, they are muy confortablamos.

I got them for free; with this $20 gap cash card my mummy gave me. LOL they were $19.99


Some things I tried on;

this reminds me of gilraim ^^


It took me over an hour for me to decide what to get. I tried on like 10 things and lastly, I came up with my decision which was, “NAAAAH~ Ima just get one of those ballet looking flats.” But then, another conflict occurred. Oh my! What could this be? Yes, there was my conflict. WHAT COLOR? AHH IDKAY WHAT COLOR! OH NO. & that took me another 30 minutes to decide…

#2 & just a few minutes before, I was obsessing over Dream High (episode eight)

I FREAKINGINGING LOVE THIS DRAMA! :) Pilsook is so cute. I really loved the Hyemi-Pilsook staring moments in this episode. That was so cute. And that food thing was cute too. In the morning – eat like a princess, at lunch – eat like a commoner, at night – eat like a beggar. And the thing I love most about this drama is the (idkay if this would be the right word but) the morals it sends. I forgot what they said already; there were many good ones, but the one I remember now is that life is a drama and that there’s stages to it. There’s that time when someone beats you to the top, but that’s not the end of the drama of your life. That’s just the start of it.  Next stage would be the practice stage, where you work hard towards a goal. Finally you reach it. Okay I AM MESSING THIS UP. UGH LOOL anyways, and also ooh. I just remembered another one, that succeeding fast isn’t always the best way but taking little baby steps and succeeding could be better. Yeah. OKAY NEVERMIND. I SORT OF MESSED THIS UP TOO. You should just watch it. I like how they portrayed it in the drama. There were also a lot of good ones in the previous episodes. AND, another thing I like about this drama are the characters.  They are very well defined. 

Oh btw, I was eating a grapefruit while watching. And I took a picture of it after it was consumed by me.

#3 I started watching Baker King, Kim TakGoo

I LOOOOOVE THIS DRAMA TOO! No wonder it had such high ratings. It sort of reminds me of East of Eden and Shining Inheritance mixed together + a little more complex. YO but I messed it up too. I downloaded episode 24 as episode 1 by accident, and I was like what? this doesn’t connect to episode 2. I thought, “Oh maybe they just went on to explain their childhood from now on.” Yeaa that’s what I thought. But NO. I just found out today morning that that wasn’t the ‘real’ episode one. UGH stupid stupid alman. I downloaded episode one just now, so I’ll watch it tomorrow. HARHAR :)

My first impression on this drama was, WHOA THEY’RE ACTING IS MADDD GOOD. The two ahjumma’s were the most impressing to me. The interior design of this drama wasn’t so eye-catching to me, as Secret Garden’s Hyunbin’s house did, but it’s not thaaat bad. And like I said before for Dream High, I like the messages the drama sends out. I’ve only watched the first couple of episodes so far, but what the grandma said was so true. She said, “In life, there are times where things are unfair. In fact, there are many many times where things are unfair and unjust, where you get accused for doing something you didn’t do and get hated on by everyone else in the world. These things may make you angry, but you have to control yourself and not be shaken by this. You have to be a stable person. You have to be able to overcome these things to become a great person.” I like that grandma. I think she’s really pretty too. I just love her wrinkles. ;)

Aw, look what my grandma gave me! 8) MONEY??


Mr. Suzuki and Moose pie came over.

Well first, Mr. Suzuki came over and LOOK WHAT WE MADE!


On the far right, there’s Grandpa Bob and and to the left of him there’s Mama Bob.

Left of Mama Bob there’s Papa Bob, and left of Papa Bob there’s Baby Bob.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Isn’t Baby Bob such a cutieeeeeeee? LOLOLOL okay I’ll stop here.


I will truly miss them when they melt away.



Mr. Suzuki’s cut. photographer: alice kim


– – –

Young Anteater’s cut. photographer: judith suzuki

– – –

Moose Pie’s cut. photographer: alice kim

– – –

Moose Pie & Mr. Suzuki photographer: alice kim

– – –

Moose Pie & Young Anteater photographer: judith suzuki

– – –

Young Anteater & Mr. Suzuki photographer: michelle huang


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