I felt like watching something but there was nothing to watch since the only thing I’m watching now is Secret Garden which comes out on Saturdays and Sundays.  So I just went on youtube and watched a three year old child crying over Justin Beiber for five minutes.  Hahaa that was funny…. & then it somehow led me to a whatthebuck show which led me to one of nigahiga’s videos.

LOOOOOLOL OMG.  I love nigahiga! :D

When I first saw him, the first thing I thought of was Kim Hyunjoong.  He doesn’t look like him from the front, but from some angles and some of his expressions are exactly the same as Hyunjoong’s. :o  He’s so pretty.  First I watched Agents of Secret Stuff and at the end where the four of them were on the sofa, awwww that was so cute. :)  Ahhh & then I watched 30 other videos.  LOL  I was watching his videos for like 8 hours and I slept at 6AM because of him.




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