I just wrote my apworld contest entry poem;

& 왯닐이니? :ㅇ

I just wrote it without thinking or planning.

I just wrote what I wrote, and I finished in 10 minutes, my poem.


Tells a story
Of past events
The world is history
Every continent people live in
All the countries of the world with
Their own records of what had happened
Whether it was war, trade, development, advances
Every city, every village, every province, every state, every
Thing written down or remembered of what had happened that
Certain day in the past that something important occurred
Every clan, every tribe, every family is part of history
What these groups had accomplished together &
Contributed to this world, which made an
Impact to everyone everywhere and
To me, I learn from my own past
Experiences, I’ve lived each
Day as I move

I love it so much.  Isn’t it so creative?

I wasn’t even thinking of symbols or whatever, but I came up with forward

and I made it shaped like an arrow without thinking.  Amazing.

LOLLOL I’m so proud of myself.  I hope my poem gets chosen and published like last year.

But last year’s was BS.  I wrote that poem in 8th grade, so it wasn’t actually…

I’m is that hoodie I wanted to get.  It says I’m on it but I really like that word.

I want to buy it, but should I?  Or should I just save up my money?  Idkayy

I like the blue color with I’m printed in yellow but the annoying thing is that the m looks like that McDonalds logo. Eww

But I do want to buy it.  Should I?  Could I?  Would I?

Idkay.  I should stop buying though.  I spend too much money, I’m already in debt.  Ahhh and yet

I still want to by that I’m hoodie.

Btw, I think I’m is the perfect title for my poem.

It’s like saying, “I’M MOVING FORWARD” or “I’M HISTORY” or yeaa something like that.

LOL  I’m so satisfied with my poem.  I hope other people will like it too.

They should, because I’m such a wonderful writer ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My friends would be like “jiral…”


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