My life’s really messed up.




Well at least right now, I hate it so much. :(

Is this what you call a feeling of being overwhelmed?  I don’t even know what that means.  My vocabulary is horrible.  Tomorrow I have a health test.  I know nothing.  I have this Tale of Two Cities homework that I don’t even get.  Chem lab I just finished now.  I didn’t even do it actually.  I just typed random wrong answers.  WTFFFF is wrong with me.  And you know all this time I’ve been going on shopping websites like richbon, asmama, aliceenjoy…  And before that I was watching Merry neun waebak joong and Secret Garden. WTFFFFFFFF is wrong with me.  Priorities first! :(  Now it’s 2AM again.  I want to sleep.  How am I supposed. Oh my godddd, please.

I have to do what I have to do from now on.

I’m killing myself inside and out.  Swords slashing through me. :(

My school grades down below the negatives. Uh eeeeeee Nah jukkaet da.  What happened to my 100s yo.  I need my perfectionistic me again.  What happened to me?! D;

But at least my chem grade improved form a 73 –> 91 :) I should be happy about that at least.

& I also need to take care of my body and skin.  My face has like 2346508471239574574805 pimples/blackheads, Ewww & I’m getting fatter every minute. WTFFFFFFF Aishhh what the hell is wrong with me. Seriously.  I HATE ME. :((((( I HATE LIFE.

but I’m going to change.


I WILL do what I have to do from now on.


I promised Junsu that we will both work hard and become the best.  Nado Junsu churum jal hal kkuh yah.<3

Junsu yahh, himnae & hwaiting!  I hope your concert goes well and stay healthy. LOL

I’ll pretend he said the same thing back to me. :)

Nahh jal hal kkae~~~!


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