I was sort of depressed as I said a little while ago.  I was going to go to to write the lyrics for Lee Seunggi’s new ost song, for Naeyuchin Gumiho that I love, but then when I clicked on OST, on the top 10 it had XIAH JUNSU – TOO LOVE OST! & there was also micky yoochun and youngwoong jaejoong too.  I heard that they were releasing osts but I didn’t know when it would come out.  I just found out today that it already had come out!!!!<3  I’m so happy now! :)  I’m listening to Junsu’s – Too Love!<3  I missed him so much~

Since, you know he’s my favorite celebrity forever.  He’s the first person I gave my whole heart to, and I can’t change my heart on that.  I love Junsu.  I fell in love with his personality 5 years ago. :D  YEEEES!  Finally, after such a long time, another Korean song sung by him! :D  I’m SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!  I’ll go listen to yoochun’s and jaejoong’s song too now. ^^ Hehee


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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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