My Juice For Life Lunch was amazing!

After church, I went to Juice For Life to get another vegetable juice called the Hulk.  I tried the Hulk last time, while walking home from the orthodontist… from Little Neck to Bayside.  I was like $%^&*(#@&$# and my face was like ASDUERHFA:SJFLASHGG:L while drinking it, but it was still good.  LOLLLL  I don’t know.  It wasn’t that good, and it took me over an hour to drink it up, I stilled liked the end taste of it. ;)  So I wanted to get another one today so I went, but I felt like chewing something since it was lunch time.  I got the chicken, rice, bean, lentil soup, and peach smoothie lunch box special instead & it was so goooooooood!<3  It’s my style of cookings.  I love Juice For Life!

I didn’t really feel like writing right now, but I just did.  That’s why this post is so dull.  I had no inspirations to start writing, but I just thought I should write.  I don’t know why, but I feel sort of depressed and down right now for no reason.  Maybe because I have to go to school tomorrow and I have tons of homework and collaterals.


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