theFACEshop had a clearance sale yesterday…

I was just passing by, getting to my bus stop Q13 & people were all crowded in front of there.  Lily was like, “What’s that?  Free samples?! :D”  So we went there and looked at the stuff.  So this is what I bought.  I spent $4 total :) but I do think the items are old; that’s why they’re trying to get rid of them cheaply.  It’s says 2005 as the expiration date? or I guess the product made date?  Idkay, but anyways, the products seem old.

And then… I got home and played with the Red Rose Lip Pencil.  Hahahaa, it was fun!  It’s like the first time I’ve ever used make up stuff and the red was so red.  I thought I looked like Dae JangGeum for a second; her with the red lips.
LOL my special mirror moments.


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