Today around 5 o’clock!

Away with the sad gumiho ending, I’ll try to be back up in my cheerful mode again. ^^  I’ve watched Playful Kiss before watching Naeyuchin Gumiho, and it was really cute.  I remember I was very impressed with episode 7 yesterday.  It was really good.  I think it’s a really cute drama overall and I hope it gets better in the next episodes, as plot wise and ratings wise.  Hyungjoong<3  And here’s some pictures I took around 5 o’clock!

I ate a biggggggg apple my dad bought at hanyang today!;)

After eating the biggggggg apple… I took out my health textbook to start the homework.

Yessss.  I love my personal identity!  I love my interests, I love my likes & dislikes, I love my talents, I love my beliefs, and I love my goals.  I LOVE ME!<33

And this, I drew rings again in school.  Hahah I think in health class since I was falling asleep.  My beautiful purple rings!(:  You like?  LOL

Oh yeaaa~ I should mention.  I went to MG today and spent $120!!!!!! D;  The notebooks and stuff were so pretty though.  What would I do?  (instead of buying them)  I got more debts to add up.  Oh dear, well I’ll pay back my dad soon and I need to manage my spending more.  I’m serious.  I love these things though.  I fall for pretty pictures & it’s one of my interests.  I want to take pictures of the item I bought, but I didn’t today.  I’ll have to do it tomorrow since it’s late now.  Now, I have to go do my homework.  It’s 1AM now, and I have lab day tomorrow which means extra early… but oh well.  Since it’s today I’ll forgive myself again, but I’m going to be really sleepy tomorrow.


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