crown point vintage style BL-52-X25704

six pearl NC-05-V32808

rose flower blingbling Ring-64-M01009

wide lace hairband-52-X26072

feminine flower hair band-56-R30744

zigzag band shirring belt-41-K08984
flower point lovely style hairband-52-X25826

simple line color hair pin-56-R30482

romantic one point corsage-57-D06856

color chiffon corsage-48-O26085

8087-boeing horn spectacles glasses-05-V32127

spangle and beads ribbon hairpin-41-K07985

lovely heart point cap-48-O24725

crown point cute hairband-41-K07624

satin flower mesh hairband-41-K04263

vintage style bag-52-X26063

vintage tassle bag-56-R30696


Batch 4

unbalance design color point bag-05-V32708
candy color petit squaur bag-57-D07114 *
174-tassel trimming cross bag-41-K08699
wappen set marinelook style bag §-05-V32539
simple shoulder bag-32-M00638
chic medium bag-05-V32958 *

trendy casual sneaker-19-G22177

appa sunmul

classic travel tote bag-17-Y25051
matt tote bag §-21-E31803
rotta-BeH shoulder bag-21-E23696

hot-air ballon pattern TIE-17-Y25618 (wine)
casual check pattern MUFFLER-21-E34165 (green tone)
viscose stripe Muffler-17-Y24725 (gray & pink beige)
swallow pattern shawl muffler -31-G26338 (yellow tone)


About siabyul

loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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