I haven’t posted here for a few days,

I really don’t like abandoning my blog even for a day but I did again.  I like to write everyday, or else I feel like I’m leaving something out.  I did feel like writing here, but I just didn’t feel like writing too so I ended up not writing at all for the past few days.  But.. I’m finally back!  <3  I’m going to write every single day from now on.

Soooo, the past few days.  I came back from my vacation in Canada.  Then there was first day of school.  Then, Thursday and Friday I was off school since it was a holiday.   Saturday was the same, except that I went swimming.  Now it’s Sunday past 3AM and I’m still on the internet as usual.  Yes, I won’t go into details with these things because it’ll turn out too long then.  I’ll post pictures I took in Canada though. :)  Now for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I feel like going into details.  Hahaha ~ After watching My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox and that cliffhanger, I was dying again.  It was one of the best cliffhangers for this drama, I still can’t wait!  & then somehow I decided to watch Playful Kiss which is a new drama starring HyunJoong and SoMin.  I wasn’t THAT into HyunJoong, but right now I’m like AHJAS:KLJFEUIHFWEP HOMFHDIF:AJKFHAFH!<333  I searched up his old We Got Married stuff with Hwangbo, and it’s better than I expected.  I thought it would be boring back then when it came out, but now I love it (since there’s more HyunJoong).  Kekeke.  Today I watched Khuntoria too, and it wasn’t that good this week.  I was in loveeeee with that couple a few weeks back, but now it went down.  LOL I’m for HyunJoong and Playful Kiss now.  I don’t think it’s those bestttt dramas, but it’s fun to watch!  Now both dramas I’m watching are Wednesday/Thursday.  UHDDUKHAEEE D;  I CAN’T WAIT! & I CAN IMAGING MYSELF WATCHING THOSE FIRST THEN STARTING HW LATE AT NIGHT. : OH DEAR. NOO THAT WON’T HAPPEN.  I’LL MAKE MYSELF DO HW FIRST, SINCE I PROMISED.  Also, I started watching Xman, those old clips from years ago.  I found it while searching up HyunJoong on youtube + there’s DBSK in that episode too. :D  Ahhh, I was missing them so much, but I’m so happy to see them again.  Junsu was always so charismatic.  Hahahah<3  So there’s Kim Junsu and Kim Hyunjoong for now & for girls, Shin Minah!  Love her:)  LOLOL, I only talk about dramas and shows. -___-  That’s all I talked about this whole post.


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