I’ve been voting like crazy for DBSK today.

LOLOLOL. Okay so there’s this poll on Yahoo! Korea Kids and DBSK’s on it! & in first place too.  ^^ I’m so happy for them.  I think I’ve voted there like 2000 times spending hours of my life voting.  You can vote every 10 seconds so I kept on clicking.  My right index finger is sore now.  Aghhh but I did it for Junsu<3   The fans are really crazy there.  Super Junior was the rival, since they were pretty close.  It got up to 6000 gap and yesterday, before I slept it was 35000 gap.  I was surprised about such a great decrease, so I had to keep voting to keep DBSK #1.  I don’t even know if the poll’s important, but this is the first time I’ve participated in these kinds of polls.  It was pretty amusing, I have to admit.

As for today, I did nothing.  Woke up at 3PM.  Stayed home.  Internet.  Voting.  Now, blogging.

I guess blogging was the THING I did today.  At least I’m practicing my writing skills. LOL  I get frustrated when I think of my summer this year.  I seriously never studied at all and I have a BIO SATII I’ve registered for, that’s coming up in October. DAMMMMN I’m dead.  I’m such a adsfhjl;ajtg8hla;sdkfjadfaasdfhj;ak but failure’s the mother of success! (; Yes yes yes.  So I’ll stop failing from now on.  It’s last day of August today also, so I’m done failing now.  New September. + New month. = New Me ~ YAYYY

Siabyulshoppe is going well today too. :)  I sold like 10 things in a day (although they’re bargain priced).  I just hope to get rid of everything.  I wanted to clear out my room.  I can’t take it anymore.  I want a clean room!


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