I just logged onto Tumblr after a very very very long time.

I still don’t know how to use tumblr, and I’m still too lazy to try to find out.  LOL  (WordPress is easier for me. :)  On my dashboard I found a royalpudding.  I had a feeling it was Jerin Lee already, haha. <3  T___T  I miss her so much.  I’m seriously about to cry right now.  Okay, NOW, I’m crying. :(  Ahh, my keyboard is getting drenched.  I’m so sad I didn’t even get to see her before she left for Korea…  I wonder when I’ll ever meet her again. </3

I read through eleven pages of her blog and it’s so sad, yet happy.  I remember her as this optimistic girl :) & she’s so cutee.  I remember the days we spent together on aim, finishing up our projects all night till morning together.  I miss those days, although I hated those days doing projects then.  I hate projects! >:[  (I’ll stop remembering past now; It’s making me cry more)  I read her blog, and I find it amazing that’s she so much like me.  We write sort of the same way, think the same way?  Yeees, I love her writings and her blog template, it’s so my style. LOLOL & I think our interests are same too.  Some kind of ART at least.  I love photography, designing, drawing, painting, eating, etcetecc too. :D  All my other friends, even the ones that I know better and are closer with, there’s something that don’t fit.  But Jerin, even though I don’t know her thaaat well and didn’t spend as much time with her like she did with her besties, I feel like I’ve known her forever.  I feel closer to her than anyone else actually.  Honestly, through our IMs on aim, I think she changed me to be more optimistic about things.  After I met her, I thought more postively about things.  While we were working on our projects, she would be like, “GOGOGOGOGOGO ALICE!:D  YOU CAN DO IT!” and that really made me happy and it motivated me & I would do the same. LOL & her post about the I hate when people reply lol, yes I think LOL with caps makes it more meaningful and friendlier.  I like that better.  :(  I LOVE JERIN. I miss you so much jerin!  (although you can’t hear me, but I do)  I wish we could be best friends.  I hope you adjusted well in Korea.  I wanted to move to Korea too.  I think it’s prettier there, but yea I know girls there all get the same hairstyles and copy each other; like almost all of them follow the trends and what’s popular.  That’s sort of annoying, but it’s uniting as well… somehow.  I feel like talking to her on aim again.  D;  I haven’t talked to her for sooo long.  Ever since we splitted to different high schools ~ but I’ll talk to her soon. :)

Oooh, I should sleep now.  It’s so late & I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to the orthodonteeth. D:


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