Pretty Good Day?

This is my post about my yesterday, but I’m writing now.

It’s the first time I missed a day of blogging here yesterday; I was doing yoga when the clock struck 12 midnight.

I think yesterday was a pretty good day. :)  Well, of course I did nothing as always, but at least I went to volunteer at the library for 3 hours tutoring kids, helping out this guy with his mural for the library, and registering summer reading stuff for Miss Judy.  Then I went home and had a whole plate of cheese ddukbokki.  Then I went on to watch Naechingoo<3  I love that drama!  It wasn’t so good as the last episodes, maybe I wasn’t feeling so hyped about watching it today, but it was still amusing and fun.  I’ve been waiting for it to come out since for a week.  Yay!  Another episode’s coming out tomorrow! x)  Okayy, and then I watched the latest Star King episodes and watched this guy eating fire D; (that was scary), some weird people, and 3 KOREA girls world cup team 2010.  I only remember Jisoyeon’s name.  She’s really good.  Yea, and then finally I thought I really should do some yoga.  My goal for this summer was to do 20 sessions of yoga, but ughhh finally I got 1 down & 19 left to go.  AMAZING.  It felt wonderful though at that moment.  I like the stretching feelings and the pain.  Maybe it’s because I got fatter?  It was harder to to yoga today, but I’m giong to continuously do it to get my body back in shape. :  I put on Aloe too~  My skin started breaking out ever since I stopped doing it.  I should do it everyday from now on.  Right now it’s 3AM (I should really sleep!)  Yes, I will sleep right after finishing writing this.  Ohyea, & I saw THHS’s new web design.  It’s so much better than the one from before, and I see a tiny me in one of the picture in the gallery.  Good thing my face didn’t come out. ;]

These days I want that shirt.  I saw it in Christine’s shop the other day & now I want it. :o  I sort of like it, it’s really cute.  I’m going to post pictures of it here tomorrow.  Maybe I should buy it?  Christine’s selling it for $18 in her shop, and the actual price there is 13000 W .. probably I’ll get it.  Alright, I’m off to bed now. :) Byebyee

Ohh . One more thing!  I found this quote today and I like it. HAHA  “After Tuesday, even the calendar goes W-T-F.”
I never noticed that before… interesting ..


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