Finally I went volunteering ~

I did absolutely nothing these days. D;




My life is messed up.  It’s like I’m sleeping in the morning and waking up during the night.  I turned nocturnal. :o  When I wake up, I eat, A LOT.  The next thing I do is turn on the computer, go update Siabyul or look through Korean online shops or sometimes browse through some news.  That was my life these past couple of weeks.  EAT.  SLEEP. POOP. COMPUTER.  How wonderful is that?  It was actually getting pretty depressing.  No exercise, just pretty much sitting on a chair in front of the computer everyday.  GETTING FAT.

But today, finally finally finally I went out to go volunteer.  I was supposed to go volunteering at the daycare center everyday, but I never went.  I think I only went 2 times so far this whole summer.  I was supposed to go this morning too, but too bad I woke up at 2PM.  (I’m listening to 2PM – Thank You right now btw;)  Anyways, at least I got my butt to the library and worked there for 2 hours today.  That’s a big change.  From next week, I’m seriously going to go volunteer everyday at the daycare center and make up for all the hours I had planned to do.  I planned to finish 200 hours this summer, but I think I only got around 30 hours so far.  This is really bad.  I have only like 2 weeks of summer left.  I haven’t studied at all.  Did nothing at all.  But there’s the famous quote, “Failure is the mother of success.”  I’m such a big FAIL this year, but there’s next year I can work up to.  I’m really going to do my best from now on.  I always say this and I’m sure many others say the same thing.  “저 진짜 열심히 할꺼에요.  정말정말 열심히 할꺼에요.”  Except I don’t know how others are.  I always said that since years ago, but I never really follow up to my words.  I just watched some JYPE audition clips on YouTube and a lot of them said that, but do they really?  LOL Anyways, I said I will, so I really will.  Jinjjaroooo ~


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