My eyes hurt like crazy right now.

I posted sooooo much today & sooooo many pictures because I was moving everything here from pretty♥song.  I really love pretty♥song but I think I’ll close that now.  I’ve only started that blog recently as a “collection of my favorites styles” blog with fashion, beauty, food, writing, art, etcc.  It was really nice but I think I’ll just stick to one blog.  It’s too much to manage all these blogs I’ve created.  I love each of them very much, but what can I do?  There’s only one me, and me has to manage everything but can’t. :(  I first started with korealuv around 3 years ago, but I didn’t like the name.  So I moved to wordpress & renamed it iv3krmusic, then changed that to SarangByul.  From SarangByul, I branched it out to StyleByul, but then I closed StyleByul, and created a personal fashion, style, design blog called pretty♥song.  So now, I have pretty♥song and SarangByul left, but now I want to delete them as well.  I’ve worked especially hard on SarangByul, and all our staffs who’ve joined.  I’m so sorry. D;  I just don’t think I have the time to keep on updating on Korean entertainment stuff & pretty♥song, I would just combine those posts here at Siabyul.  For Korean entertainment, I’ll just update a little here, of my interests mostly.  I think I’ll be posting a lot of lyrics and making profiles here & there. :)  Goodbye SarangByul.  I’ll miss you.  Goodbye pretty♥song.  I’ll miss you too.  I’ll never forget you && staffs at SarangByul, thank you so much!<3  T___T

Here’s some screenshots for memories; although they’re not such great shots.

They were & (I even bought a domain for it about a week ago);


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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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