All my past posts got deleted.  I moved them to wordpress trash, because I was remodeling my blog, but I didn’t know those posts in the trash bin gets deleted after 30 days. :(  My precious memories…  Blogger took away my memories last time & this time my memories disappeared at wordpress.  There was my last post on my blogger blog, journal`de`alice and my posts on wordpress.  I remember the first thing I wrote on journal`de`alice was about the cupcakes, (they were brownies) with pictures, but then those posts disappeared :o

OHWELLS; I’ll make new memories from now on when I’m 15.  I should have taken better caree ~  I lost all my earlier memories, when I was younger.  I just hope nothing happens to this wordpress blog hosting place, so everything would be here forever. Pleaseeee don’t disappear anymore.  I want to keep precious pieces of my life together.


About siabyul

loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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