Green Jelly Watch, Slimming Socks, Epistick

I bought these things at a couple of days ago…
I wasn’t going to get them but those vintage shoes I wanted to get at gmarket went out of stock ;(
so I got these items with the refunded money.

siabyul , 072110001

Slimming Knee-High Socks

Product Information
A hot pick in Japan.
Slimming knee high socks with massage effect,
it burns your calories just by simply wearing.
+; Consume 377kcl per hour wearing
+; Relieve water retention
+; Prevent feet/legs swelling
+; Speed up metabolism
+; Combat fatigue
+; Prevent varicose veins & thrombosis

The socks are made of different kinds of materials than normal socks and they are manufactured with special techniques to make 6 pressure points in knee highs to get the massage & slimming effect. It’s better to hand wash to maintain its good shape. It’s suggested to wear about 5-6 hours each time wearing to achieve the desired effects. (If you wear it for 15 minutes and take it off, it obviously can’t make any effect.) If you don’t feel comfortable to wear it for a long time at the beginning, you may increase the wearing hours gradually.

Actually when you just wear the socks, there is “visual” slimming effect already as the socks are tighter than the normal ones.

Color: black
Other features: matte & opaque
Material: 33% cotton, 62% polyester, 5% spandex
Length: ~45cm long (knee high)
For shoes sizes: 5-8 (US)
Washing: hand wash only

Price: $15.00

I got this because my calves D; EWWW OMG, I hope this works.
My calves look like  $%&^#@* right now.  They’re too muscular.

siabyul , 072110002

siabyul , 072110003

siabyul , 072110004


Plucking your unwanted facial hair with ease!
You don’t have to use waxing or razor any more! It’s painless!

Use Epistick in an upward-downward direction on the areas which you would like to remove unwanted hair. Hair will not grow out to be pricky or bushy as it removes hair from the root. As it pulls hairs out from the root it leaves your skin smooth and hair free for longer.

Epistick works on the principal of threading – known as fatlah in Egypt and khite in Arabic – which has been used as a hair removal technique across Asia and the Middle East for centuries.

Easy to Use:

♥ Bend the Epistick into an inverted ‘U’
♥ Place it against the hairs you want to say goodbye to
♥ Holding the handles, twist the stick in opposite directions
♥ The hairs are trapped between the tightly coiled spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement

Get Hair Free:

♥ Forehead
♥ Cheeks
♥ Upper lip
♥ Chin
(Note: it shouldn’t be used on eyebrows)


♥ Say goodbye to messy creams and waxes
♥ No more expensive trips to the beauty salon
♥ Removes hair at the root for a longer lasting hair-free complexion
♥ Finer re-growth with repeated removal
♥ Safe (no razor invovled!) and hygienic
♥ One Epistick will give you a life time of hair removal!
♥ Removes more than one hair at a time – unlike tweezing
♥ Slim and lightweight – take it wherever you go for on the spot removal
♥ Painlessly remove hair anytime, anywhere!

Price: US $5.00

LOL :) I wanted to try this.  It’s takes so long to pluck with tweezers.

siabyul , 072110005

siabyul , 072110006

siabyul , 072110007

Fashion Jelly Watch

Versatile & Cute :)
Suitable for everyday life and school days

Full length 23cm | Dial 4cmx4cm |
From bucket to nearest & furthest hole – 15cm & 21cm
(there is a protective film on the dial)
Battery included <3

Price: $10.00

I got the green one :D  I always wanted to get one but I finally got it now; YAYYY!

– – – –

Yeaa this is what I purchased at angeland.  I spent $30 total :)
I hope the items arrive soon.  I’m so excited ~


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