I just watched Dating on Earth,

It’s a DBSK drama :D  I didn’t even know it was there, until I found out today.  I was soooooooo excited when I found that.  I always watched them on a variety show but ever since they disbanded, I never got to see them together as a group.  That really saddened me, but I’m so happy there was this mini drama I found.  It is the cutest drama I’ve ever watched:) & I never really loved Yoochun like Junsu, but I absolutely love him now!  Although I’ve chosen Junsu as my favorite, I had trouble choosing who would come next.  That was because I loved each an every DBSK member in their own way.  Unlike other groups where I know who I hate the most and who I loved the most, DBSK, I loved every member that was part of it.  Choosing Junsu as my favorite in DBSK was really hard also, but now that I’ve chosen him, I was trying to find out who I liked best in 2nd place.  Haha Chunnie is so cuteee.  I remember the title that I thought of last year.  I was trying to write a fanfic with DBSK as characters (I never wrote anything) but I’ve came up with the title, Chunnie&Chunsa.  LOL I think they’re names are so cute.  Chunsa? Junsu an angel & Chunnie sounds adorablee.  When I first found out about DBSK back in 5th grade, I remember Jaejoong was my favorite at first, but now it’s Junsu babyyy all the way.  And then comes Yoochun:)

The videos were on YouTube, so I viewed them there.  When it ended, I was smiling like crazy since I was so happy.  If you know me, I’m not much of a happy happy person, but DBSK just made me feel that way.  I really want to meet them (esp. Junsu) but I’m planning to go to his dad’s pizza place.  Hahah<3  Okay back on topic.  So I took some pictures right away of I me my myself smiling :)  I write things in Korean a lot these days too.  I feel that’s more poetic and beautiful.  I love Korean more than English now.  I wrote in this Sageuk tone in some parts, because I got influenced by Dae Jang Geum that I’m watching these days.  Dae Jang Geum is definitely one of the best dramas ever~  The beginning episodes made me cry soooooo much.  It was about her childhood, where she had to go through such horribly great things D; but she stayed strong and accomplished everything.  Through hardship, through tears, through sadness, but she made it to the top.  I feel a connection between her and me.  I’m that kind of person.  Not that I accomplished everything, but the part that she treats other people with respect although they treat her like trash.  It’s so sad yet happy.  I’m like that too.  Although I encounter bad mean people, that do bad things to me, I would still love them as I love, and be kind to them.  I wish the world were like that, but a lot people seem to care only about themselves.  It’s just sad.


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